Wine, wool and wet dog? AKA Sniffing out a corked wine!

A dog in a bathIt’s the season of catching up with friends and family. So here you are, in deep conversation, when the waiter arrives with the wine you have ordered. “Would you like to taste?” You break off your conversation, hold your glass up to the bottle and confidently take a big sniff; but you are puzzled.  No rich red fruits here; more a touch of mouldy carpets and damp dog.  You press on anyway and take a sip.  Damp wool and more damp cardboard.

It would be most British to thank the waiter for the wine and just get on with it.  However, you ask the waiter for a new bottle because you have just experienced a ‘corked wine’. But fear not, only 2-3% of wines are affected.

Myth Busters: 1. If there are pieces of cork floating in your glass, the wine isn’t corked, it just hasn’t been opened carefully enough. 2.  If the waiter arrives at the table with a screw cap bottle – the wine can’t be corked.

We wish you all fault free festive sipping!



From the Fizz Team