What is the Best Cure for a Hangover?


Many of us will have over indulged in the drinks department at some time or other and opened our eyes to the post party pain of a banging head, dehydration, nausea… I’ll stop there!

We thought we would cast the net worldwide to see how other nations deal with a hangover.



Tripe soup is the go to remedy in Turkey, let’s hope the tripe is full of flavour because all this soup consists of is tripe, butter, flour, water and vinegar!



Germany – They’re advocates of raw, pickled herring wrapped round a gherkin and onions. Light and refreshing?



The Japanese are on the same page as Germany when it comes to hangover remedies. Their favourite is umeboshi – a dried and strongly pickled plum.




Mongolians are quite extreme in what they believe helps recovery. Tomato juice, with the addition of pickled sheep eyes. We passed on a picture of that!


Here at Fizz HQ the Canadian’s cure gets our vote. Chips, cheese curds and gravy. Now you’re talking!


The ideal is to avoid a hangover in the first place. Read our damage limitation blog for some tips!