Vegan Food and Wine Matching

The number of people stating they are vegan has increased by 350% in the last ten years.

There is lots of info out there on food and wine matching with meat and fish, but vegan wine pairings are less easy to find.

Read our brief guide below, to get maximum enjoyment out of your bottle!

Fatty Foods such as – battered vegetables with a vegan mayo – choose an acidic white wine because it cuts through the fat, and gives your palate a refresh so you can enjoy the next yummy mouthful!

Acidic White Wines – seek out wines from cooler climates. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Chablis from Nothern France or Riesling from Germany.

Hearty dishes, such as roasted aubergines, baked mushrooms, lentil stews or vegan burgers- really require a red wine! Consider wines like shiraz, malbec and carmenere.

Vegan Food and Wine Matching

Wine can be enjoyed with spicy food. Generally the spicier the dish, dial down the wine. Light, low alcohol, low acid, whites work best with lots of spice.

Consider the country where the dish originated from. Pasta dishes or pizza? Italian wine. Rustic lentil stews, French reds and a smoky BBQ style dish think Argentina or Australia.

White wines work wonderfully with stir fries, thai curries and salads.

Vegan Food and Wine Matching

Salty snacks are great with sparkling wines. If it’s a sweet treat you hanker after, think prosecco with a sponge cake, red sparkling with a raw chocolate cake…

Go Google and get experimenting. Cheers!

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