Top 5 things about Italy

You’re probably glad to be saying bye bye to winter and more than ready for summer. If you’re missing the sunshine, why not pop open the prosecco and browse our top 5 things we love about Italy.


Top 5 things about Italy

1. Obviously, Prosecco

Picture this. You’re basking in the sun and your friend shouts “shall we go for an aperitivo?”. If you don’t reply with “I’ll be there in a Prosecco”, we will be very disappointed!


2. The cuisine

Top 5 things about Italy


Imagine dining on your favourite pasta dish in the home of the cuisine! Is there anything better than fresh pizza, crisp salads or scrumptious spaghetti with a bottle of vino as you watch the sun set.


3. The CultureTop 5 things about Italy

Italy is bursting with culture! Whether you’re fascinated by ancient buildings, keen on modern art or have a flare for fashion, Italy has it all.


4. Gelato

Top 5 things about Italy

One of our Australian wine producers (Giovanni Patritti) started out as an ice cream maker after moving to Australia! The Italian’s have a long-standing reputation of having the best ice creams.



5. Gondola trips down the Grand Canal

Top 5 things about Italy


Uncover the extraordinary hidden treasures of Venice by venturing along the canals. Why not try the Grand Canal and enjoy the sun on your skin while you glide down the water?



P.S. Why not treat yourself to a bottle (or two!) from our Italian range of still and sparkling? Bring on the summer!