Our Top 3 Tips for Storing and Chilling Your Festive Fizz

Where and how do I store my fizz?

Keep your bottles away from bright light.
Be aware that big changes of temperature in the place you are storing your bottles can really reduce the quality of your wine.
Keep your bottles on their side so that the liquid is in contact with the cork. This stops the cork from drying out and air getting in to ruin your fizz.


Some friends have just popped round unexpectedly, full of festive cheer – how can I chill my fizz quickly?

Grab an ice bucket (or alternatively use your sink)
Fill with half ice and half cold water
Submerge your bottle/s up to neck height
Chill for 30 minutes and perhaps enjoy a mince pie in the meantime!
Pop, pour and enjoy.


I have organised a festive party, so how do I chill my fizz?

Place your bottles in the fridge for around 3-4 hours before your guests are due.
Pop, pour and enjoy.

PS – the ideal serving temperature for fizz is 7-9C
PPS – don’t be tempted to use your freezer



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