The ‘pain’ in ‘champagne’

We all love to watch newbies attempt to open a bubbling bottle of fizz. The concentration in their face. The agonising twisting of the bottle, waiting for that joyous pop. Then after the first few times of mastering this, we cannot wait for the next champagne celebration to show how effortless we make it look.The ‘pain’ in ‘champagne’

For most of us, it’s a breeze and we wouldn’t consider it to be a risk. But how many times has this clean sweep gone wrong? The Daily Mail found that “more people are killed each year by flying champagne corks than bites from poisonous spiders” and that the majority of champagne accidents happen at weddings.

This is from the pressure that builds up overtime. The pressure from the bottle can cause the cork to reach speeds up to 24.8 MPH. That’s enough to smash your mobile phone screen or your glasses! It happens within a fraction of a second, leaving no time to get away.

Serious damage to your eye can occur, so we always recommend taking your time and opening the bottle as safe as possible. It would be a shame to waste a bottle of fizz after all.

How accurately can you open a bottle? Watch our highly professional tutorial here.