The art of sipping

Please don’t be frightened of the word ‘sip’. It would be churlish of us not to admit that the first glass of anything sparkling doesn’t tend to be sipped.  However, let’s imagine that any further imbibing is!


At Fizz HQ we spend a lot of time sniffing and sipping – what we refer to as ‘get your beak in’ followed by ‘swig, sip and slurp’.  Nothing pretentious about the way we taste our wines here.

IMG_20160626_194851 (002)

To be fair, it would be quite strange if you sat in a bar or restaurant with your beak inside your glass and then proceeded to make loud sucking noises as you drew in air across your tongue, just to see what flavours you could pick out.  But let it be known, that hasn’t stopped us doing that, on your behalf!

So, why do we do all of this sniffing and sipping?  First of all, because when we share our ‘fizz findings’ with you, we want to ensure we have gone to the trouble of making sure we know exactly what’s in the bottle that might get you excited and interested.

Our two-step guide to beaking and sipping:

  1. Fill your flute two thirds full, this will allow the aromas to collect in the top third of the glass. (The bubbles carry them to the surface.) Next get your beak in and either take several short sniffs or a long sniff. Totally up to you. What can you smell?
  1. Now take a sip. If you purse your lips and open your mouth slightly and draw the air across your tongue, this throws the aromas to the back of your throat and should give you a little something of what you could smell, plus, perhaps, some additional flavours.

Take note! Being able to smell and taste, brioche, pear, peaches or lemons for example, comes down 99% to your memory of the smell and taste of things and not really skill at all. So start sniffing the fruit bowl and the bread basket and store the aromas in your memory!!low_res-flute

Ps – a lovely little tip we have picked up across the years is that glass shape does make a difference.  We always try to drink from a ‘tulip’ shaped glass, designed to optimise aroma collection in the top of the glass.


Cheers! (and happy sipping!)

From all of us at The Fizz Company.