Teresa ‘Tree’

Linguist, Sister, Fizz Fanatic (not necessarily in that order!)


When Tony used to sit at the dining room table reluctantly helping me with maths homework, neither of us would ever have imagined we’d entertain the idea of working together…He claims he would still have a full head of hair had he not been my unofficial maths tutor… (Sorry Tone!!) You’ll be pleased to hear that sibling frustration is still alive and well today albeit not over logarithms! But it’s not all bad… We’re united in our passion for fizz, our tenacity and our fear of Mum if we fall out!  So here’s my story…..

Teresa from The Fizz Company wearing a blue jumper standing in front of a hadge, smiling and looking at the camera

After my experience at the dining room table, I was quick to realise a degree in applied mathematics wasn’t going to happen so French and Spanish just had to do!! After uni, the world was my “huitre”(or so I thought!) and I spent a good few years doing “ proper” jobs in European marketing but still managing to indulge in my passion for all things fizz!

… Eventually the glitz and glamour of the travel was replaced with a strong desire not to spend a moment longer in an airport lounge and this led to very itchy feet (probably caused by the support stockings!) Not sure what caused Tone’s itchy feet in the IT world (best not to ask) but a bit like German measles, we caught it at the same time… We sat round the dining room table again; this time talking Fizz not Formulas!  He realised that my French was slightly better than my maths and I knew the odd thing about marketing… The rest, shall we say, is “histoire”.. Surprisingly, he didn’t make me Head of Finance despite a hard fought “A” in “O” level maths.. I’m not at all bitter!

And today? Well, the fun of The Fizz Company is that you are pulled and pushed in all kinds of directions.. No day is ever the same..  and personally, well, as a canny Yorkshire lass, I’m not prepared to pay over the odds for fabulous, award winning fizz and I don’t see why you should either!  Give it a try and tell me what you think!!