Stand out in the crowd


“Having the confidence to be unique and let individuality shine”

No one likes to turn up at a party in the same outfit; we’re the same with fizz!

One in only a few thousand (not mass produced, one of millions) comes as standard at The Fizz Company.

You will rarely, if ever, find any of our champagnes, or sparkling wines on the high street.

We cover the miles to find the “hidden gems” from small producers to allow you to “dazzle” at dinner parties whether you are looking to delight the wine connoisseur, please the crowd, or both! We have fizz that will fit the bill for parties and special champagne for times you want to make memorable.

The champagnes and sparkling wines we offer do not come from faceless factories, they are crafted by small family producers whose vines are often outside the back door. They reflect distinct vineyard characteristics which often get lost when grapes from areas miles and miles apart, are blended together.

Many of the producers we work with have been immersed in the life of the winery from an early age and embrace the future of champagne and sparkling wine while respecting traditions and knowledge passed down to them. It sounds pretentious to talk provenance and that’s certainly not us!

But, if you can taste the difference between local farm ice-cream and a catering carton of vanilla, then we think you’ll “get” our fizz!


We still have a long way to go before small producer champagne and sparkling wine is widely available here in the UK.

So, enjoy what’s here, before everyone else does! Drink a little heart and soul…