The Fizz Company

Sparkling Shiraz! Your New Favourite Fizz?

Last week at Fizz company HQ, we gathered around our table to re-taste some of our new wines. Among them stood the imposing McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz. Sparkling red is something new here at Fizz Company, and we’re very excited about this one.

A powerful nose of pure blackcurrants was continued with blackcurrant fruit pastels with raspberries and vanilla oak at the taste. Very fruity yet feisty, this McLaren Vale Shiraz would stand out among any red, sparkling or not! So much so that our chief sommelier Tony described it as among “his top 20 wines of all time”.

What made this wine all the sweeter for us was the producers in the Patritti family, who couldn’t be better suited to what we look for in our partners. In 1925, Giovanni Patritti set sail for America to find his sister, and instead found himself in Adelaide. Despite this very slight change of plan, and a lack of any English whatsoever, Giovanni was setting up vineyards and making wine just one year later. Since then, Patritti’s son and grandchildren continue to run the company, innovating, while also “maintaining the old school values and heritage”.

With McLaren Vale Sparkling Shiraz, you can experience the best of both sparkling and red wine like never before. Patritti suggest accompanying it with chocolate brownies and cream, but they don’t always play it by the book, so why should you?

We reckon you can enjoy it warm or chilled, at party time or down time, with white meat, dark meat or a cheeseboard. Whenever is best for you, just make sure you give it a try.

And you better be quick, because everyone in our office has their eyes on this beauty!