Spanish Food Pairings

The basic principle of pairing food and wine is that they should complement each other, not battle against each other. This is really easy and interesting if you look at Spain. It’s a very diverse country where each region has key ingredients and signature dishes, that’s why wine matching is great!



Spanish Food PairingsBarcelona is the capital of Catalonia. From the heart of Catalonia comes Cava (made with Xarel.lo Macabeo and Parellada grapes). Made the same way as Champagne, it’s light, fruity and dry. Cava is also on a comeback trail!

With a young cava, you’re looking for soft, light dishes. Tapas dishes such as crab croquetas or stuffed peppadews are a great match. Why not try your favourite tapas dish with Especial Pinot Noir Cava.



Galicia is the north west region of Spain that borders Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean. Galicia is not so much about paellas, but more octopus and seafood platters.

The typical grape found here is Albariño, an acidic, refreshing citrus grape. These flavours pair perfectly with pulpo a la gallega (octopus). Fancy trying an Albariño? Check out our White Spanish Case.



Spanish Food PairingsA bit further south is Extremadura, where Tempranillo is grown. This Spanish grape delivers contrasting flavours of leather and cherries, so you’ll need a hearty stew to pair with it. One of Extremadura’s well-known dishes is olla con asura, a stew made from pork and mutton. Why not try our Red Spanish Case to pair with a meaty stew?


If there’s a food you’ve been stumped by, get in touch and we’re happy to help!