Are you sipping then snoozing? Switch to low sugar.


You may often feel tired when drinking fizz compared to other beverages. There is a simple change which you can do to prevent this and enjoy those fabulous bubbles!


An experiment by the University of Oxford found that when drinking fizz. your alcohol levels are higher compared to if you were drinking wine. Carbon dioxide can enter your blood stream quicker, resulting in a sudden “rush”.

The sugar found in fizz creates the “crash” feeling. Like anything with added sugar, there is the looming crash waiting to happen. Although you have an initial sugar rush, you’re left dehydrated and tired.


To enjoy these bubbles without the fear of snoozing, switch to low sugar options! We have a range for you, from Prosecco to Champagne. Our favourite is La Farra Low Sugar Prosecco. This refreshing fizz will help you stay alert for those special occasions you wouldn’t want to miss.


But don’t just trust our word for it! See our Fizz Taster reviews on our low sugar range:

Octavia Holmes  
A.Bergere ‘Skinny Fizz: “Beautifully dry. Excellent value brut nature bubbles.”



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