‘Sending out an S.O.S’

'Sending out an S.O.S'

Message in a bottle…

At Fizz HQ we’re sending out a message and banging the drum about cava. It’s not washed up, honestly!

If you like champagne but find yourself unhappy with its price, and you’re not keen on prosecco, then cava is a great way to experiment with sparkling wine.

Sip on a good cava and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, possibly even a little delighted and definitely a bit smug.


Cava is made in exactly the same way as champagne, and some are even made with the same grapes as champagne.

'Sending out an S.O.S'


  • The flavours in cava are similar to some of those found in champagne; citrus, apples and pears, strawberries, figs, chalk, toast and almonds. Cava is drier and more complex than prosecco.
'Sending out an S.O.S'


  • It has similar sweetness levels to champagne from bone dry, brut to semi sweet.


'Sending out an S.O.S'


Cava is aged for a minimum of 9 months in the cellar, Reserva Cava is aged for a minimum of 15 months just like champagne and if you’re looking for the deeply developed flavours of a vintage champagne look out for Gran Reserva cava aged for a minimum of 30 months (vintage champagne is a minimum of 36 months).



  • Cava can be enjoyed on its own, with salty snacks, creamy chicken dishes and fish and chips just like champagne.
'Sending out an S.O.S'


All this at often half the price of a bottle of champagne!

For us cava offers a genuinely decent alternative. Be a hero and respond to our S.O.S!

Cheers from the ‘cava is cool’ department at The Fizz Company.