Sipping Saint or Slurping Sinner?


It’s Summer time (which hopefully means the odd sunny spell or two.) The season that can sometimes feel like one big non-stop party, as we weave our way through a plethora of get-together’s – weddings; bbqs, anniversaries – and any other excuse to share a bottle or two with our loved ones.


How not to over do-it on the fizz front? We feel your pain! The first glass of anything fizzy tends not to touch the sides. That heady rush of arriving at a soirée, hearing the cork pop and being handed your welcome glass of fizz; (something, at Fizz HQ, we never get bored of!) Yup, the first glass just seems to vanish in to thin air and if your hosts are generous, within a blink, your flute is once again filled to the brim.

We don’t know about you, but as much as we love our fizz, we love hangovers less. So how can you pace yourself at a party so the following morning isn’t ruined with a throbbing head?


Here are our top ‘saintly sipping’ tips:

1. It sounds obvious, but just taking smaller sips can help you slow down. (We offer this, as a tip from a team member at Fizz HQ who is a self confessed, greedy gulper!)
2. Alternate each glass of fizz with a big glass of sparkling water; will anyone notice if you are still drinking from a flute with bubbles?
3. If it is going to be a long day/night, make sure you line your stomach with a meal before you go out, so that you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.
4. Perhaps set yourself a time deadline, at which you will stop drinking alcohol and move on to soft drinks.
5. If there is food on offer, elbow your way to the front of the queue to get your greedy hands on a plate of something filling and healthy.
6. Try to avoid an over enthusiastic host; one who insists on pouring you another glass as soon as you have taken your last sip. Guilty as charged my lord!


From The Fizz Company HQ
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