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5 Crafty Ways to Recycle your Fizz Bottles and Corks

Over the festive period you may well find yourself left with a few empty fizz bottles, a very full bin and absolutely no desire to brave the cold walk to the bottle bank. Perhaps you’ve bought a particularly beautiful bottle recently (Perhaps you bought a bottle of our exceptionally beautiful Signature Grand Cru!) Whatever the case, we at Fizz Company have scoured the web to find five crafty ways to upcycle your December debris.


Make cork angels with the family

Make a snowman, Santa Claus, whoever you like! You can stick them on your tree when you’re done.





Use corks as firelighters to get your house feeling cosy in no time.

Find out how here






Use cork cages as napkin holders

A quirky addition to your Crimbo din dins.






Add corks to your Christmas wreath

The perfect customisation for the true wine enthusiast at Christmas.







Make a glow in the dark centrepiece

Jam some Christmas lights into your bottles for an unusual luminous decoration. It just so happens, we have the perfect bottle for this…





A very exciting new addition to our cellars, each bottle with its own unique glass cast pattern. It’s not just the bottle that’s a work of art either, the Grand Cru champagne inside is equally as stunning.

Have a look for Signature on our site, and keep a look out for more info coming soon…