Rebecca ‘B’

Rebecaa from The Fizz Compnay in a coral pink top standing a garden smiling at the camera

They say if you work in a chocolate factory, you will soon be sick of the sight, taste and smell.  Well I haven’t, so I couldn’t tell you.  Although I can categorically state this is not the case for me in terms of fizz.  Love chatting about it, love tasting it, love selling it.  If I hear the popping of a cork in a bar or restaurant – and it isn’t coming from my table – it still makes me smile (and then bristle with a hint of jealousy.)

Helen and I met at the University of York where we were the ‘elder stateswomen’ on our ‘Educational Studies’ BA.  To this day, we continue to collaborate on many of The Fizz Company events – presenting at corporate tastings, running festivals and discussing new ways to spread our love of small producer fizz.

Working at The Fizz Company means no two days are the same; I generally spread my time between clients meetings in London and working with restaurants in the Yorkshire area.  Complete joy, for me, is a session of food and wine training and spreading my passion for fermented grape juice.