Realistic January

December is over and the diets are in. After all the indulging over Christmas, we have (perhaps reluctantly) tied ourselves to New Year ‘well-being’ resolutions. However, real life can certainly get in the way and our resolutions are put to the test.

Bottle shot of Ellner Integral

Fear not! At Fizz HQ, we have a more realistic take on Dry January i.e. a ‘dryer’ and more ‘selective’ month. Brut Nature anyone?

So, what is a Brut Nature? It’s the same delicious bubbles, just much drier. We’re sipping on Charles Ellner’s Brut Intégral Champagne at Fizz HQ. A fresh champagne which is full of zingy, dry citrus notes, with a hint of ‘biscuity’ richness. Fabulous fizz that’s uber dry.

Dry January isn’t the only popular resolution. There is also a focus on upping activity levels. Here’s a couple of people who have taken this feat of willpower to another level!


  • Wim Hof ran an Arctic marathon at minus 29 degrees Celsius – while topless. He also holds the world record for being immersed in ice for an hour and 44 minutes. No wonder his nickname is Iceman!
  • Man immersed in ice.Fancy hitting the weights? Why bother using your arms? With 11 Guinness World Records, John Evans can balance a car on
    top of his head without using his hands!
  • We all know if you wobble a spoon quick enough it looks like you’ve magically bent the metal. Well, 76-year-old Sakinat Khanapiyeva from Russia can break horseshoes and twist two-inch steel rods with her bare hands!


Cheers to a Realistic January for all of us.