La Farra winery and family

Prosecco La Farra

The estate of La Farra is located at the heart of the Superior Prosecco DOCG area between the villages Conegliano and Valdobbiadene in the municipality of Farra di Soligo. It is a beautiful part of the world with vines clinging to rolling hillsides.

Brothers Guido and Innocente

Brothers Guido and Innocente

The estate of La Farra is owned by the Nardi family who aim for a synergy between their grape production, respecting tradition and the environment.

Brothers Guido and Innocente work in the vineyard and winery while their sister Adamaria works on marketing their Proseccos. Innocente and Guido recognise that great Prosecco can only come from high quality grapes and that the raw material has to be treated carefully in the winery. They are lucky enough to have a state of the art winery to help optimise what ‘nature gently instils into the grapes’ and they are both qualified winemakers.