Winterling Sparkling Pinot Noir

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This is a delicate soft pink, with fruity notes of strawberries and raspberries , a bit of blossom and candy floss. Take a sip and those notes repeat themselves with a hint of parma violets on the end…all in all quite divine!

Easy sipping, light and delicately fruity.

Bottle size 750ml.

Winterling Sparkling Pinot Noir


Father and son Martin and Sebastien Winterling are the winemakers. Most of the family is involved in the business and make wine in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany (we’re not jealous!).

The Winterling brand started in a wine laboratory which was founded by Martin and his wife Anne in 1982. At this time they also began to make some sparkling wine. They were not vineyard owners back then so initially they just bought wine and later grapes to make into cremant.
Martin discovered a real talent for wine-making and the family began to lease vineyards in 1996 so they could have better quality control. By 1999 they had made wine with their own grapes from their own vines.

Since then the business has gone from strength to strength. From small acorns and all that….


  • Blend: 100% Pinot Noir.
  • ABV: 13%.
  • Bottle size 750ml.
  • Dosage: 6.5g/l.
  • Organic.


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