Spanish Red Case


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A great selection for the BBQ…and later by the fire pit!

Two bottles (750ml) of each:
  • 1+1=3 Tempanillo/Syrah Organic
  • Castell D’Or Priorat Esplugen
  • Ramirez de la Piscina Reserva Rioja

U mes u fan tres (in English 1+1=3) is a winery in the Penedès area of Spain near Barcelona. The winery was the brainchild of two brother’s-in-law, Josep Pinol a winemaker and Josep Bonnell a viticulturist. They say that together they are better than just two so hence the name, 1+1=3. They work organically and some of their products have received organic certification. They are a fantastic example of the high quality that can be achieved by small producers.

Castell D’Or

Castell D’Or is based near Barcelona, and has brought together nine skilled wine makers to produce award winning stills, sparklings, and surprisingly olive oil!

Ramirez de la Piscina

Sharing its name with the famous church that sits in the middle of La Rioja, Ramirez de la Piscina is a family winery that started on humble terms by Don Julio in 1945. Passed down the generations and continuously developing its brand, Ramirez de la Piscina is enjoyed in countries all around the world.

1+1=3 Tempanillo/Syrah Organic
  • Blend: Temperanillo and Syrah
  • ABV: 13%
Castell D’Or Priorat Esplugen
  • Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Grenache
  • ABV: 14.5%
Ramirez de la Piscina Reserva Rioja
  • Blend: 100% Temperanillo
  • ABV: 14%



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