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Welcome to Signature, where refinement meets rarity.

This champagne is made with top quality Grand Cru grapes. The unique bottle etching technique was developed over six years to guarantee no two bottles are the same.

For complete indulgence two Swarovski crystals are applied to each bottle by hand.

Bottle size 750ml.

Champagne Signature

The vineyards at Champagne Lecart-Bousselet started life as cherry tree orchards. Roland Lecart uprooted the orchard in the 1950s and bought additional plots of vines and started making champagne.

Today, his grandson Fabien is at helm with a determination to secure the future of the House of Lecart-Bousselet. Fabien has designed and patented the Signature concept.

  • Blend: 60% Pinot Noir & 40% Chardonnay.
  • ABV: 12%.
  • Bottle size: 750ml.
  • Dosage: 8g/l.
  • 100% Grand Cru grapes from the 2010 harvest only.


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