Low Sugar Prosecco Gift -La Farra


A low sugar prosecco = a little less guilt for the recipient!

La Farra winery adds only a small amount of sugar to this Prosecco. There are plenty of delicate fruit flavours of apple, peach and apricot – drier than a classic prosecco. It’s a refreshing sipper, perfect for people who enjoy the fruitiness of prosecco though not the sweetness.

Guido and Innocente nardi, standing in the winery holding a glass of prosecco each.


La Farra – a vineyard in the heart of the Superior Prosecco DOC area between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, a location which is particularly prestigious for cultivating grapes. La Farra is owned by the Nardi family Pictured above-outside their new winery. The three motifs on the label signify the 3 siblings in charge today, Guido, Innocente and their sister Adamaria.

La Farra achieve the best of both worlds combining the typically floral fragrances of grapes from vines near Valdobbiadene with the fuller, fruitier flavours characteristic of grapes from Conegliano.

  • Blend – 100% Glera grapes, produced with grapes solely from hills vineyard in the hills of Soligo.
  • It has been aged for 10 months in special stainless temperature controlled vats at 4.8bars of pressure.
  • Residual sugar 6g/l
  • Alcohol by Volume 11%


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