Forget-Chemin Heritage

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Thierry Forget is a gold medal winning winemaker. The Heritage is his baby. Each year he creates this unique creation and only makes between 1000 and 3000 bottles. It’s a rare treat! Fill your flutes while you can.

(Bottle size 750ml)

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  • Thierry produces only 95,000 bottles of champagne a year, a mere 5% of which is exported.
  • Thierry has grown up in the midst of vines and a winery, smelling, tasting and discussing champagne from an early age passing all his wine-making exams with flying colours. He is now developing a reputation as an excellent champagne producer and winning many awards.
  •  His vintage champagne carries the ‘Special Club’ badge which means it is deemed to be among the best examples the region has to offer.


  • Blend: It’s a secret! The wines in the blend may be from a single year’s harvest or from several. It’s a unique creation every time, depending on what Thierry thinks will work best.
  • ABV: 12%.
  • Bottle size 750ml
  • Dosage 8g/l.
  • Malolactic fermentation was used.


2 reviews for Forget-Chemin Heritage

  1. Phil colbourne

    Beautiful. Will definitely be getting more

  2. Adrian Bold

    I was lucky enough to be selected as a taster for the Fizz Company, and was delivered a fantastic bottle of Forget-Chemin Heritage Paul Forget NV.

    We saved it for the recent Bank Holiday weekend, where we had a BBQ with some friends and family.

    While I can never claim to be a wine or champagne connoisseur, it was certainly a pleasant step up from the cheaper varieties that I’m used to from weddings and new year’s parties. I usually find champagne to be too acidic, but this was a lot more pleasant on the palate.

    A guest was using words such as ‘clean and fresh on the nose’, so I just nodded along with him.

    I’m not sure what I would pair this with, but it certainly hit the spot alongside our selection of slightly burnt BBQ offerings 🙂

    Overall, a recommended product that seems to have a decent price point for its excellent quality.

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