Opening your bottle of Fizz

It tends to shock people when we tell them that the pressure in a bottle of fizz is equal to that of a double decker bus tyre. In fact we refer to the fizz as a ‘lethal weapon’ – all rather thrilling and James Bondesque. Here’s how to avoid any bottle opening disasters.


Ensure your bottle is nicely chilled.
Remove the foil – there will generally be a little rip tab you can use to unwrap and remove it.
To remove the wire cage (the ‘muselet’ – from the French word ‘Muzzle’) keep one hand firmly on the top of the bottle and use your other hand to remove the cage. These cages are standardized, so for the number hungry amongst you, it will take precisely six half twists!

You can either take the muselet off, keeping the bottle facing away from you and placing your hand immediately back on top of the cork. Or, you can leave the muselet loose, with your hand still on top, before you remove the cork.
To remove the cork you need to twist the bottle, not the cork. You will feel the pressure from the cork so keep it under your control with one hand, whilst simultaneously turning the bottle with the other.
The cork should be released with a quiet pssssst.
Accept the applause, pour and enjoy.


Something else we get asked about is glass shape and whether it matters. As purists of the highest order at Fizz Company HQ – we believe shape does matter.

If you are a fan of old Hollywood movies it is easy to get swept away with the elegance and grandeur of a softly rounded coupe, however we wouldn’t recommend these. Why? Unlike a tall flute, where the bubbles fizz away happily in a long string of bubbles from the bottom to the top of the glass, the wide opening and narrow depth of the coupe, means the bubbles quickly lose their fizz. So although they will look very glamorous with your festive attire, they don’t really keep the bubbles flowing.


At The Fizz Company, we have picked and sipped to ensure we have fizz for everyone … #EvenAuntEthel

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