Neil Samples Some ‘Passion’

We asked Neil to give one of our Crémants a whirl – he tried Delmas ‘Passion

Neil Samples Some 'Passion'

He enjoyed it and reported:

We had the Delmas Passion with a chicken dinner. Before eating I thought it tasted of apples, whilst my wife thought it was more citrus and lemony, which goes to show how we all taste things differently.

With the food it has a strong enough flavour not to be overpowered but didn’t itself over power the food, it was very complimentary.

All in all a very pleasant sparking wine, it easily would match a champagne in a blind tasting.

Its very good value for money at the price and I would quite happily serve it to friends both at a special occcasion or a simple BBQ, I’m sure there would be no complaints at all.