Masia Bou – a Zippy Spanish Fizz

This May, we have ‘beaked’ and ‘sipped’- on your behalf, and this is our feedback on a zippy little fizz from Spain … pair it with savoury popcorn and you are on to a mid-week winner!

Masia Bou - a Zippy Spanish Fizz


This ‘every day’ cava is made using the ‘traditional method’, ie the same way champagne is made so it’s drier than prosecco.  If you fancy a bit of a savory snack, you’re in luck, because cava is a class act with crisps, popcorn and savoury nibbles.  If you wanted to splash out further, it’s great with a charcuterie and cheese platter.

Masia Bou - a Zippy Spanish Fizz


Back to the ‘beak’ and please bear with, but we think you will pick up the smell of … rubber balloons.  Yup; how crazy is that, but totally true and really interesting to smell!  This curious aroma sits beautifully alongside baked lemons and a good helping of pineapple chunks.




Masia Bou - a Zippy Spanish Fizz

On the sipping front, any of you remember ‘The Grapefruit Diet’ – in the sense of the one ingredient you were meant to survive on?  Well, on the sipping front, it’s all about the zingy, zesty sparkle of grapefruit juice – with a cheeky little sliver of pith – utterly mouth-watering.  Joining the citrus is more citrus, in the form of lemon.  Perfect for every day sipping, with a bowl of something savoury!  Yum.


If you order this bottle with us, please share your ‘get your beak in’ and ‘swig, sip and slurp’ experiences with us.

Bought to you by the Fizz Company team.  Cheers!


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