Lauren ‘Lady G’

A psychology degree and many jobs in admin while I pondered what I wanted to do in life doesn’t sound conducive to a career in fizz, but happily for me the stars aligned!

Lauren from the Fizz Company satnding on a beach in Hawaii

When I moved up to Yorkshire and spotted that my new neighbours ran a Champagne business, I said to my husband “Imagine if I could work for them!”. Several months later, after a few glasses of wine I bumped into Tony and Helen at another neighbour’s party and proceeded to bore them silly with my tales of travelling around the world tasting wine, sherry, beer, gin etc. Next thing I knew I was making the leap from admin in Mental Health to admin at The Fizz Company, and its so much fun!

I did however get pregnant during my first year of working here, which did make the tastings a little less fun!

Lauren baby

I am the google Queen of the office and use my excellent skills in being nosey to get involved in anything and everything I can! One minute I’m doing invoicing and the next I’m making a blue peter style contraption to help us visualise our next design project.

Before working here I didn’t know a great deal about Champagne, but I have a brother-in-law who is a brewer and my father-in-law is French, so I knew to take alcohol production as a serious science! I feel like I learn something new about the world of wine every day and I really do think that knowledge is power!