Latest Fizz Tasters report back

Another batch of eager Fizz Company Taster’s have got their beaks into the fizz we sent and have sniffed and slurped and reported back.

Here’s what they had to say…

Kathryn Swanston and Hazel Earl sampled Charmant Brut Premier Cru champagne, they enjoyed it so much that they both gave it 5 stars!

Kathryn said:

A lovely crisp and fresh taste – got a ‘wow’ from my guests too who all have a preference for very dry champagnes. Will definitely select this again – highly recommended!

and Hazel’s comment was:

Delicious champagne. Has a nice biscuity, brioche taste to it which I particularly like. Not too dry so very easy to drink on it’s own. Highly recommended.


Latest Fizz Tasters report back


Sarah Weir gave the Gardo and Morris sparkling sauvignon blanc a whirl and was wowed!

WOW!! This wine was completely different to any other fizz I have tried before. It packs a real citrus/lemon taste which I found to be really unusual but also very very tasty. I would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a refreshing wine.

Latest Fizz Tasters report back


Our Prosecco tasters’ found our proseccos on the dry side…

Sarah Woolnough tried the La Farra Brut, awarded it 4 stars and said:

When very cold it had a very dry after taste so was better less chilled. Taste overall very crisp and dry not sweet. Could definitely get fresh apples and a fruity flavour.

Our Vignarosa Brut was unfortunately not for Amy Rowan-Buckley, here’s what she had to say:

This prosecco is perfectly pleasant, very dry (but I like dry!) and drinkable, but nothing special. I didn’t get any particular flavours at all; to be frank it hasn’t got much flavour. I’ve had far better wines for less money.


Latest Fizz Tasters report back


Finally, Lisa Jackson reported back on the Triolet Brut champagne, which she really enjoyed:

I loved this champagne, beautifully clear and so light and refreshing, not heavy or yeasty and very, very easy to drink.
Great with nibbles, great with a starter or fish dish or great just on its own. If you like champagne you’ll love this!

Thanks so much to all our Fizz Company Tasters, your insights and comments are really important to us.


Helen and The Fizz Company Team