Jet lagged Joanna and ‘Amorino’

A jet-lagged Joanna Parry went from a beer conference stateside to Italian Pink sparkling wine when she gave Amorino a whirl.

Jet lagged Joanna and 'Amorino'

This is her report:
Jam-packed with ripe strawberry flavours” Well it certainly it lived up to that. On receiving this delightful Summer in a bottle, it was left to chill, for some time. In look it is clean, clear and a vibrant pink in colour so much so that it shouted out “Sweet” to us.
The aroma, as you’d expect was clean and light yet very fruity. The moment you tried it, it was like a mini explosion of a summer pudding – full of flavour and the first round of bubbles intensified it even more.
The first glass was “lush”, after that, we (my husband and I) found it all a bit much. Feel this is more of a desert fizz which would go well with a blue cheese, to cut through the sweetness, having already indulged in a summer fruit pavlova of course.
More info on the reverse label I think would help guide drinkers as to how this can be enjoyed more…
I can see a number of people enjoying this during the summer months – this seasons “pink” on the fizz catwalk!