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How winey are you?


We’ve got a bit more winey at Fizz HQ. Take our quiz to find out how winey you really are!


What’s your favourite fizz?

Prosecco – 1 point

Cava – 2 points

Champagne – 3 points

Crémant – 4 points

Sparkling Shiraz – 5 points



Have you ever visited a vineyard?

No – 1 point

Yes – 2 points



Where do you hold your wine glass?

Round the glass – 1 point

On the stem – 3 points

On the base – 5 points



Do you take a sniff before a sip?

No – 1 point

Yes – 2 points



Where do you drink wine?

“Prinks” before going out – 1 point

Local pub – 2 points

At home – 3 points

Day at the races – 4 points

Posh restaurant – 5 points



Do your friends trust you to select the wines?

No – 1 point

Yes – 2 points


Add up your total points:

6-10 points – Wine Rookie

When it comes to wine, you don’t ask where or what, just why not! Our Familiar Favourites case would be perfect for you!

11-15 points – Savvy Sipper

Wine is not a mystery to you. You’re happy to enjoy it and can hold your own. Why not try our Out to Impress case?

16-21 points – Wine Aficionado

You know your way round wine – you’re a confident sipper. Oz Clarke and Victoria Moore, watch out! You’ll love our VIP Discovery case, how many have you tried already?