How to Hold a Champagne Glass

Attending a special celebration? Drinking Fizz with friends? Exactly how do you hold your champagne glass? Are there any do’s and don’ts?

In this article we’ll take you through the etiquette of holding a champagne glass and also give you some top tips to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment out of those special sips!

Firstly when beginning to hold a champagne glass it’s all in the pinch and the pinky.

Picture one: pinch the upper stem just below the bowl of the glass with your thumb and forefinger.

Picture two: rest your little finger on the bottom of the stem, just above the base of the glass.

Picture three: you can you use your middle finger and ring finger for extra support if you like.

This might feel a bit pretentious? However… there’s a good reason behind it. If you hold the glass by the bowl it warms the champagne up quite quickly it also potentially puts palm prints on your glass spoiling your view of the bubbles.

An alternative method of holding a champagne glass is to grasp your fingers round the base of the glass and curl your little finger underneath for extra support

It’s been a long party and your fingers are tiring holding the champagne glass in this way. There’s a solution. Simply rest the base of your glass in the other hand

We think you’ll agree – holding your champagne glass by the rim is not the most elegant way of enjoying this special drink!

For all aspiring wine pros out there. Give this method of holding your champagne glass a whirl!

Top tips for getting maximum enjoyment out of your fizz.

Number one: Fill the champagne glass only two thirds full, it makes it less heavy, keeps the champagne colder and also enhances your ability to smell the lovely aromas.

Number two: Before you taste your champagne or fizz, give it a gentle sniff. This prepares your brain to fully appreciate all the flavours. We actually detect flavours and tastes through our nasal passages, not our tongue (the aromas filter from the mouth up the nose), so taking a sniff before a sip gives you a head start.

Number three: Taste the champagne before you start to have any food, strongly flavoured foods will spoil your ability to taste. Salty snacks and fried foods are great with fizz.

Finally – Sip from the same place to prevent lip mark all over your glass!

You’re good to go! Cheers!

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