How to enjoy cava

How to enjoy cava

Spain has been making its very own sparkling wine since the mid 1800s. It’s made in the same way as champagne; sometimes using Spanish grapes and sometimes using chardonnay or pinot noir (which are champagne grapes).

Cava is made in the Penedes area of north eastern Spain which is 700 miles south of the champagne region. The climate is warmer, this means that cava is softer and fruitier than champagne.

You can enjoy cava as an apertitif on its own, or with salty snacks

How to enjoy cava

It’s also an amazing food wine and can be enjoyed with lots of dishes. It’s often half the price of champagne so if you’re having a mini celebration, need a midweek lift or inviting friends round, it’s a sparkling wine definitely worth considering.

To get your cava ready for drinking either put it in the fridge 3-4 hours before drinking, or pop it in ice & water for half an hour before sipping.

How to enjoy cava

Fantastic Food Matches

Brut cava works well with vegetables – particularly artichokes and asparagus, as well as salads. (Go easy on acidic dressings though, as these can make sparkling wine taste less vibrant.)

Dry style cavas are fantastic with most fried foods as they cut through the richness of the batter.

Eggs are never an easy pairing with wine, however cava is great  with Spanish tortilla as well as other types of tapas.

Hop across Europe to Italy and rosé cava is brilliant with Bolognese!

All in all cava is very food friendly because it prepares your palate for the next mouthful of delicious- ness!