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How alcohol affects the body and the brain


We all know there are physical effects from drinking alcohol. Many of us may have experienced the results of imbibing too much, ranging from slurred speech, being unsteady on our pins and feeling happy, sad and possibly cross all in the space of a few minutes. But why does our willpower go out the window when we drink too much, too quickly?

It takes roughly an hour for the body to process one unit of alcohol (125ml of wine, 1 shot of spirit or half a pint of beer). When our liver can’t keep up with our intake, our nervous system becomes stressed.


Alcohol affects us in several ways:


Shaky and sleepy?

That’s because alcohol makes us release insulin, which drops our blood sugar. Low blood sugar levels make us feel shaky, sweaty, dizzy and tired.



Cheesy chips?

In a bid to battle our fatigue and heavy eyelids, our bodies crave carbs.



Feeling sick the next morning?

Our poor livers go into overdrive and use water in our bodies to get rid of the alcohol. This makes us dehydrated, we get awful headaches and feel sick. All in all, a hangover from hell!



Tossing and turning?

Despite common belief, alcohol doesn’t make you sleep better. It actually disrupts your sleep pattern and stops you sleeping deeply.




So, if you want to avoid the hangover from hell, sip on the odd glass of water in during the evening.

Happy sipping!