Homage to Catalonian Fizz

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Homage to Catalonian Fizz

This time last week we celebrated World Vegan Day with a small mention on a couple of our favourite fizzes which, as well as delicious, are entirely vegan-made. Great! But that’s not all there is to shout about when it comes to these cavas, or their producers, whose style and values we like to think are very well aligned with our own. So here is a little more info on the 1+1=3 winery and their wonderful Fizz.

Both the bottles we stock have received ‘outstanding’ classifications from the renowned sommelier Robert Parker, and the Pinot Noir Brut Nature received a silver award when we entered it in the International Wine Challenge earlier this year.

Here at The Fizz Company, we feel that this cooperative and personal business style is what it’s all about!

Aside from its dry and toasty, yet incredibly smooth flavour (which has also been a big hit with our Fizz tasters), we chose to enter this wine because of the charming folk behind it.

Founded by two step-brothers, the name 1+1=3 stems from the belief that, together, they are stronger than the sum of their parts. Not only this, but the implication is also that their client or customer serves as the third member in the team.

Homage to Catalonian Fizz

Located in the Alt Penedés region of Catalonia just behind Barcelona, everything about this fizz screams of the style and pride for the region. A top-ranking cava, housed in a uniquely shaped and decorated bottle, sprinkled with colourful, mosaic-like shapes reminiscent of Antoni Gaudí, the artist known for giving Barcelona the architecture and aesthetic for which it is known and loved.

Such personality is something you don’t get with the big brands, and that’s why we don’t bother with them. But make no mistake, if you’re a longstanding cava fan, or looking to rekindle your love with the Catalonian fizz, you’re in good hands with 1+1=3.

1+1=3 wonderful Fizz.