Helen ‘Hels’

Nursing isn’t your average route into champagne, it’s a path that I’m happy to have taken though.

Helen from the Fizz Company standing in a garden dressed in a beige top, smiling at the camera

I still get to use some of the skills I learned (I’m our office matron!) and my love of people remains as strong as ever. I’ve swapped health advice for fizz advice and I’m still keen to make sure that alcohol is consumed sensibly!  I’m the geek of the team and where before rare conditions would fascinate me, I’m now taken with how different soils and climates affect vineyards and all the intricacies of wine-making.

Checking patients got the correct medicine and dose was pretty important and now I apply an eagle eye for detail making sure orders are fulfilled properly and on time. Just like in an operating theatre no two days are the same at The Fizz Company and I enjoy the buzz even when the phone won’t stop ringing and the pressure is on to deliver.

I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and since joining The Fizz Company, I’ve learned to spit without missing and hitting my shoes, passed wine exams and I drive a fork lift truck when the need arises! I’m now adding learning French to my list. Teresa is helping with that when she’s not laughing at my accent. Geordies are better equipped to speak German apparently…