Gifts for Wine Geeks, Early Adopters, Dependable sorts and #EvenAuntEthel

Putting the Fizz Fizz Fizz into Ho Ho Ho

We’ve sipped and picked from our range of Christmas Gifts to make sure no-one is left out and we are confident we have something for everyone #EvenAuntEthel. We’ve taken a light-hearted look to see which Fizz will fit your nearest and dearest…

Wine Geeks

They already know how to code and back in the day, they loved learning all the chemical symbols at school.  They enjoy getting to grips with how wine is made, especially the joys of ‘malolactic fermentation’ and ‘clarification’.


For all the wonderful Wine Geek’s’ out there, we point you in the direction of our A.Bergère magnum of vintage champagne.  They won’t be disappointed.

Early Adopters

Never one to miss out on a new trend, movement, gadget or idea; they are always ahead of the curve and thinking outside the box.  They are busy ploughing their own unique furrow and are the first to put their hands up when there is something new to enjoy.


They are our eager ‘Early Adopters’ and we recommend our premium cava from the lovely organic producers 1+1=3 made with 100% Pinot Noir grapes.  A style that is definitely very different, from the cava region.

The Dependables



If they like to keep things predictable and reliable, we salute them!  They most probably don’t want any unwelcome surprises and they like what they like and are happily content with that.



We have just the gift; our award winning, Premier Cru Charmant Brut and Charmant Rosé Champagnes.  Made from a blend of all three grapes, and one of our best sellers.  For a really reliable flute of fizz, they are a perfect fit for ‘The Dependables’.


We remain at your disposal to help you find that perfect gift for everyone #EvenAuntEthel


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