Gifts for Party Lovers, Vintage Classics, Curve Enthusiasts and #EvenAuntEthel

We’ve sipped and picked from our range of Christmas Gifts to make sure no-one is left out and we are confident we have something for everyone #EvenAuntEthel. We’ve taken a light-hearted look to see which Fizz will fit your nearest and dearest:

Party Lovers


For this person, the festive season is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with abandon and dance the night away. With the excuse to share a cocktail and a few flutes, the disco glitter ball is working hard on their behalf. They never want to miss out, so early nights are not on their radar and they are at their happiest enjoying a heady festive mix of family, friends and fizz.

For all your playful ‘Party Lovers’ we highly recommend a magnum of La Farra Prosecco or a Brut Prosecco Gift; the perfect way to share the festivities.



Vintage Classics


They are drawn towards rich textures and shades and enjoy the opportunity to sit down with friends and family for a long lavish meal. Their home is furnished with statement pieces; no beige or taupe in sight! They enjoy the finer things in life and believe that camping is simply not an option!


They are, of course, our ‘Vintage Classics’ and we wholeheartedly recommend the Champagne House of Ellner, specifically their Magnum, Grande Reserve and 2006 Vintage ‘Seduction’.


Curve Enthusiasts


Do they marvel at an ellipse, an arc, a circle or indeed an ogee? They might secretly hanker after a 1938 Talbot Lago. On a day-to-day basis, they might be drawn to a perfectly round jammy dodger rather than a rectangular bourbon biscuit!



We remain at your disposal to help you find that perfect gift for everyone #EvenAuntEthel



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