Get your skinnies on…

Never one to miss out on trends at The Fizz Company HQ, over the years we have embraced double denim, customized, turned-up, ripped and slugged it out over flares vs skinnies.  OK that whole pre-amble was a complete lie, because we just wear denim we feel comfortable in; although skinny jeans do seem to be the unofficial office uniform.


However, not a weekend goes past that we don’t indulge our love of ‘skinny fizz’. What is this, you ask. Tell me more, you insist.

Ok, we will …

We refer to skinny fizz as sparkling wine that has had no sugar added at the end of production. For example, an average brut champagne can contain between 0-12g of sugar per litre.  A skinny fizz, or the term you need to search for on the label ‘Brut Integral’ ‘Zero Dosage’ and ‘Brut Nature’ only contains 0-3 grams of sugar per litre.  And as we all know, sugar isn’t the most popular word out there right now and of course less sugar also equates to less on the calories front.  So there is a connection between what we drink and our skinny jeans after all …

Ellner Intergral_single bottle R_LC 13.11.14 17253

Here is one of our skinny champagnes – the Charles Ellner Brut Integral.  Buttery and nutty when you ‘get your beak in’ and uber dry, like sucking on a lemon sherbet whilst simultaneously licking a piece of chalk, (wonderful, honestly) when you sip it!

Ellner Brut Integral with BdeB amd Premier Cru either side blurred


From the happy team at The Fizz Company.