Get your beak in (to Bolney Estate English Sparkling Wine)

Imagine, if you will …

To delight and surprise your taste buds, The Fizz Company team spend a great deal of time tasting different bottles of bubbles, on your behalf.

When we taste, lots of things are important to us and the first thing we are keen to do is ‘get our beak in’ so as soon as the cork is popped and the fizz is poured, we like to take a good long sniff to see what amazing aromas we can detect.

sherbet lemons in a diah

This May, we have ‘beaked’ and ‘sipped’ from four different bottles, and the first two –  Ellner Brut Integral Champagne and Bolney Estate Blanc de Blancs sparkling have something in common … sherbet lemons.

If you have ever enjoyed a sherbet lemon or two, you will remember how they make your mouth water with their sharp lemon tanginess’ – all at once, bracing, refreshing and enlivening.

As soon as the Bolney Estate Blanc de Blancs sparkling hit our flutes, we were bowled over with citrus peel as well as just ripe peach and a blast of blossom.  And when we started to sip, along came more lemony layers in the form of sherbet dib dab, salted lemons and zingy lemon tart.

Bolnet estate blanc de blanc in black and whi

Onto fizz number two, The Ellner Brut Integral Champagne.   This tantalized our beaks with whiffs of butter and toasted nuts and when swigging, sipping and slurping prompted the following responses … ‘lemon sherbet’, ‘sucking on a stone’, ‘licking chalk’ and ‘the most refreshing mouth cleanser.’

If you order either of these bottles with us, please share your ‘get your beak in’ and ‘swig, sip and slurp’ experiences with us.

From the happy team at The Fizz Company.

charles ellner champagne on a desk with a close up of the label. Three flutes are arranged next to the bottle and the cork and cage in the foreground

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