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Get Your Beak in to … an uber dry Spanish Sparkler

When we taste, after popping the cork, the first thing we do is ‘get our beaks in’ ie take a good long sniff to see what amazing aromas our noses can detect.

This April, we have ‘beaked’ and ‘sipped’- on your behalf, and this is our feedback on the Brut Nature Xarel.lo from our wonderful friends at the 1+1=3 vineyard, near Barcelona.


On the ‘beak’ front, this full-bodied cava:  yes, we just mentioned the ‘C’ word and please don’t be put off by that.  This superb sparkling wine is made using the ‘traditional method’, ie the same way champagne is and it is drier and much more complex than prosecco.  So if you have any pre-conceived ideas about cheap cava from back in the day; leave your memories firmly back there.  Cava – and this is a great cava – is a more than worthy alternative to prosecco.  It is fabulous with cold meats and cheeses and this full-bodied cava would also go well with grilled or baked chicken and vegetable dishes.



Back to the ‘beak’ and this cava gives you full on freshness with layers of delicate floral aromas (orange blossom and jasmine – thanks for asking).  Beak some more and you will pick up some lovely toasty notes too.




What is very clever about this cava is the fact that even though it is a ‘brut nature’ – so therefore very dry- you get a proper whoosh of fruity richness, without sweetness.

On the sipping front, this cava delivers everything it promises from beaking in, so lots of really refreshing floral notes with an amazing creaminess and toastiness into the equation too.  So please … embrace and enjoy the ‘C’ word.

If you order this bottle with us, please share your ‘get your beak in’ and ‘swig, sip and slurp’ experiences with us.

Bought to you by the Fizz Company team.  Cheers!

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