Get your beak into Triolet Brut

After popping the cork, the first thing we do is ‘get our beak in’ ie, we take a good long sniff to see what amazing aromas our noses can detect. Then, of course, we sip away to see what else it gives us on the flavour front.

This July, we have ‘beaked’ and ‘sipped’- on your behalf, three different bottles.  Here, we share our beak and sip review of ‘Triolet Brut Champagne’.

Triolet lable shot

Ever heard the saying

“I can only please one person a day.  Today is not your day and tomorrow doesn’t look good either!”

In the case of this champagne, this could not be further from the truth.  We call it our ‘crowd pleaser’ because everything about it, on the beak and sip front, makes it so easy to drink and therefore mass taste appeal for champagne lovers.

nuts and taost copy

On the ‘beak’ front we all happily agreed the Triolet Brut provided lots of  aromas of nuttiness, toastiness and citrus.  These three different taste elements combine to provide what we would expect from a good quality champagne, one that isn’t on either end of the taste spectrum; ie like sucking on a lemon and or a stone or, at the other end of the spectrum, so heavy with oaky and sherry-like notes that it would need food to counteract the richness and heaviness.

Triolet Brut is much more subtle.


On the sipping front, keep thinking about the citrus flavours and add a scoop of baked apple and a slice of brioche.  Like we said, what’s not to like, so if you’re off to a party this summer and want a bottle that will make everyone smile … this is it!




If you order this bottle with us, please share your ‘get your beak in’ and ‘swig, sip and slurp’ experiences with us.

From the The Fizz Company team