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Get Your Beak in to … a French sparkling Cremant

When we taste, after popping the cork, the first thing we do is ‘get our beaks in’ ie take a good long sniff to see what amazing aromas our noses can detect.

This April, we have ‘beaked’ and ‘sipped’- on your behalf, and this is our feedback on the Cremant de Bourgogne.

On the ‘beak’ front, think of a summer orchard – plump pears, crisp apples and, if you happen to be in a warmer climate … a sun-kissed lemon grove with baubles of yellow hanging buoyantly from the trees.




This traditionally made sparkling wine comes from the Burgundy region of France (next door to Champagne) which means it benefits from the same chalky soils exploited so superbly, to produce Champagne.



By the way, when we mention the term ‘traditional method’ – we are describing the way the sparkling wine is made.  In this case, it is exactly the same way as Champagne and Cava; so the second fermention (where the magic of the fizz happens) takes place in the bottle, in the cellar.

Take a sip and the zippy citrus notes continue with abandon providing a really zingy, mouth watering experience.  Finally, a hint of biscuit before a lovely long, clean finish.



The next time you plan a carpet picnic, or if the sun shines enough for you to venture onto the patio, Cremant de Bourgogne is a marvellous match with seafood…


If you order this bottle with us, please share your ‘get your beak in’ and ‘swig, sip and slurp’ experiences with us.

Bought to you by The Fizz Company team.  Cheers!