G.Tribaut champagne and tin cans

Allow us to introduce our latest featured fizz G. Tribaut Brut Cuvée de Réserve

As you know by now, the first thing we do when approaching a new fizz is get our beaks in – ie take a big sniff (or delicate small ones) and work out what aromas we can detect. Then, of course, we sip away to see what else we can enjoy, on the flavour front.

Smiley faces all around; G.Tribaut – does not disappoint with delightful dashes of pear, poached, caramelised and tinned, as well as tinned peaches and mangoes.

G.Tribaut champagne and tin cans


Champagne G.Tribaut


Some interesting facts we would like to share about this champagne:

It’s made by a lady – Valerie Tribaut.

It’s won awards and get the thumbs up from Fizz Company Tasters

It’s made in Hautvillers, the village made famous by Dom Perignon





Did you know – the French not only invented champagne but also the tin can.

During the Napoleonic wars a reward of 12,000 francs was offered by the Government to anyone who could devise a means of preserving food cheaply and effectively to keep the French army fed. Nicolas Appert came up with the solution in 1810.

Back to the champagne, after a few sips (or more!) we decided there is more tinned fruit and hints of brioche and ripe almonds, a fresh lick of citrus provides a refreshing finish. This champagne is fruity and makes a great aperitif, one Fizz Company Taster suggested it would be lovely with fruit cake – good call!


G.Tribaut champagne and tin cans

Cheers to you all from Fizz HQ!

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