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Four things NOT to say to a Prosecco Lover

It’s not Champagne Darling!

So what! Prosecco is fruity, easy to drink and not as pricey as its famous rival!


It’s hardly a serious wine!

Actually Prosecco is becoming pretty sophisticated these days. Look for DOCG on the label, it means top quality grapes have been used (like Grand Cru in Champagne). If you can find ‘Rive’ on the label, then you have your hands on something really special! Rive is a Prosecco from a single vineyard plot!

It’s not a Food Wine…

Pardon?! Pass the Popcorn. Prosecco is perfect with lots of food, think Italy and antipasti. Or head east for Asian starters. Chill out with crisps and cake is a must with an ‘extra dry’ Prosecco. Enjoy!


You can’t lay Prosecco down

Who cares! It’s a perfect treat whenever fizz is called for and to be honest who wants to leave a bottle languishing at the back of the cupboard! Cheers.