Fizz, Families, friends… and Eurovision

No groans please!

Here at Fizz HQ we’ve just been chatting about the weekend to come and one of the national traditions of the year – love it or hate it- the Eurovision song contest.

Several of us remember finding it a bit boring as kids but a wonderful excuse to stay up late. Others party, dress up and dare we admit indulge in the odd drinking game! For the really serious it’s an opportunity to sample the beverages from every country performing….

And the there’s the really serious Eurovision devotees who buy the cd after the show. (Honestly!)

But how about the insights it provides into the intracacies of European politics and the whirlwind tour round the cultural delights of our neighbours.

For some it’s just too naff, boring or downright cheesy.

Whatever you think, it can be a wonderful way of getting together with friends and family and having a bit of fun.

At the end of the day…I’m using it as a good excuse for a flute or two of fizz. My chosen tipple this weekend is the deliciously dry Ellner Brut Integral. When we smell and taste fizz here at HQ we like to ‘get our beaks in’ and with Ellner Brut Integral you get a beak full of lovely buttery aromas with wonderful whiffs of freshly toasted bread and even hints of vanilla. A sip later and a mouthwatering lemony freshness tickles your taste buds, rather like the most wonderful mouth freshener ever! It a fantastic fizz.


…and talking of fizz. The scariest thing of all? It is thirty five years since Bucks Fizz, in their glorious, velour, primary coloured costumes won Eurovision….

The question is what you will you be drinking? It’s time for making your mind up!

Chers! Helen at Fizz HQ