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The Fizz Company Team Traditions

As a family run, tightly knit Fizz Team, we appreciate how lucky we are to spend our working life sourcing, sampling and spreading the love for our small producer range of sparkling wines. Because we live and breathe fizz, we wanted to take the opportunity to share our ‘Festive Traditions’ with you.



B – General Manager
My mum, sister and I spent many years – from midday to 3pm – with friends on Christmas Day. At its peak, there were about eight families, which grew as the children (us) grew up and had our own families. There would always be a tray of Mo’s piping hot chipolata sausages and her husband Lew would invariably pour the non-drivers a ‘triple’ helping of their festive drink. As happens, families grew bigger and moved away and ill health took hold of the older generation. So now, we are creating our own family traditions.





Ed – Delivery driver
My Christmases tend to be very varied with a different selection of family each year, some of whom are more raucous than others and some drink less (or even nothing!) than others. This generally means that I stick to doing what I am good at, in time honoured tradition, which is to drink and eat far too much during the day and when it comes to playing the traditional board games in the evening, the rules tend to become a little hazy. The following day is generally one of recovery, wondering why I drank and ate too much, but knowing full well that I will do the same next year!





Helen – Website and Social Media Manager
My earliest memory of a favourite Christmas tradition was when my grandma stayed with us on Christmas Eve. She wasn’t a great sleeper and so my sister and I would creep into her bedroom around 4am to find her sitting up in bed in her rollers. We would all go downstairs and while ‘nanna’ brewed a cuppa we would prod, poke and shake our pressies, trying to guess what lay beneath the wrapping paper!
The lighting of the Christmas pudding is also a well-loved tradition. We are advocates of brandy and my dad takes great delight in attempting to singe the ceiling with the height of the flames or better still set the tablecloth alight, while my mum proclaims loudly ‘Oh Ron!’





Lauren – Business Administrator
I’m not sure we have any unusual Christmas traditions, but we do have a very clear division of labour after Christmas dinner. There is the ‘cleaning up’ crew, and the ‘dog walking’ crew. I personally fall into the ‘dog walking’ crew with my dad and firmly believe I have the easier job, but my mum and sister hate going out in the cold after sitting in the warm cosy house with over-full bellies, so it all works very well!






Sarah – Business Administrator
Christmas day for us is a very early start with a house full of very excited children. Amongst the noise, the fun and presents being eagerly unwrapped, Steve and I take a few moments out to enjoy smoked salmon & scrambled eggs for breakfast. A piece of heaven amid the carnage!








Teresa– Sales & Marketing Director
On Christmas Eve when the children were little, after generously sprinkling the garden with reindeer dust, we’d come inside and read ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas.” Thankfully, the reindeer dust has long gone but we still read the story to this day because secretly, we all still want to believe that Father Christmas is out there somewhere!!





Tony – The Owner
Two things for me…. one is the family ‘fight off’ over Christmas dinner, as each family seems to have different traditions, some of which are more moveable than others – for example, bread sauce or no bread sauce, sausage meat or pigs in blankets (obviously both) how to cook the turkey and limiting the number of vegetable to under eight! The second is the tradition in the Stones family of mum and dads post Christmas day games night, which has turned into a bitter war of woman v men. Games include ‘Who’s in the Bag?’ Pictionary, trivia, music, TV and constant arguments of “I said that”, “No you didn’t” and the underhand team building as sudden surprise invites turn up at the last minute to strengthen weak categories. My late Dad’s favourite night of the year – if you could recognise his Pictionary drawing, he would spend the remaining time just colouring it in!!!! Bless.