Fizz and Food

Bring out the fizz more frequently…it’s not just for celebration! Champagne and cava are ideal matches for many savoury dishes and Prosecco can be a real hit with dessert.

Classic matches with champagne:

A picture of fish goujons and chips wrapped in newspaper and smoked salon and cream cheese on bread on a serving platter


Smoked, poached or grilled, pretty much anyway you want to serve it.  This match works because the acidity in champagne or dry sparkling wines cuts through the richness of the fish, refreshing the palate for the next mouthful.

Fish and chips:

The acidity of champagne counteracts the richness of this British classic. Salty foods are also great with high acid wines, so a sprinkling of salt will be good too. A word of caution – tomato sauce and vinegar are very acidic so if you like your fish and chips swimming in vinegar, leave the cork in the champagne… too much acidity will make it taste dull and tired.


Most cheeses go well with champagne. Try non-vintage, light styled champagne with creamy cheeses like brie, vintage rich champagnes are great with fuller flavoured hard cheeses, like mature cheddar. Don’t just stop at a cheese board, a pasta dish based on cheese would be a lovely match too.

A platter of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, figs, olives, walnuts and almonds

Cava and food:

Meat and cheese platters:

The saltiness and fattiness of cured meats and cheese works well with cava, so load your platters with a range of Spanish meats such as Serrano ham and some Manchego cheese and garnish with olives and salted nuts!

Prosecco and Italian sparkling wine:

Because Proseccos and Italian sparkling wines are generally sweeter than champagne and cava they are good matches for cakes and desserts. Use the flavours in the wine to inspire you such apples and pears and peaches and nectarines and take your ideas from there.

Specific matches:

We have tried to give a food match suggestions with most of the fizz on the website; here’s a couple of our favourite pairings

Pots of panna cotta on a white tablecloth

Raspberry Panna Cotta:

Sparkling La Farra Rosé is an absolute dream with this dessert. We love it!

Chicken and mushroom bake:

Chicken and mushrooms are wonderful with Forget-Chemin Carte Blanche, comfort food with the added decadence of a glass of champagne! Also, try this champagne with mushrooms pan fried in butter with a hint of garlic. Divine!

chicken and mushroom casserole in a blue cast iron pot

And finally…

Fiona Beckett has a brilliant website Matching food and wine where you will find oodles of inspiration!

Please let us know your favourite matches with our fizz too!