Fizz and chocolate

Can you imagine anything more decadent, divine and naughty than kicking back and enjoying some chocolate and fizz together? Are these two naturally mates though?

Fizz and Choc are not always an easy pairing. Get it right and we guarantee gasps of joy and delight. So much so you’ll be setting aside time for regular fizz and choc nights!

So read about:

  1. Tips for matching.
  2. Tried and tested pairings.
  3. And discover your match made in heaven!



Can you imagine drinking fresh lemon juice with a mars bar? Not great! The sweetness in chocolate emphasizes the high acidity in dry champagne. Steer clear of very dry fizz.

Experiment with milk chocolate at first. It’s not as sweet and unctuous as white chocolate and much less bitter than dark chocolate.

If you want to sip champagne with your chocolate look for Demi-Sec or Doux on the label as these are sweeter champagnes. Otherwise consider fizz such as Moscato d’Asti, Lambrusco, fruity pink sparkling wines (extra fruitiness in the fizz goes better with chocolate) and of course Prosecco!



Moreish matches

White chocolate? Try a fruity pink sparkling wine from the Prosecco region. Match it with dried raspberries or strawberries covered in white chocolate. We recommend La Farra Sparkling Pink


Milk Chocolate? choose an Extra Dry Prosecco (Extra Dry Prosecco is actually sweeter than a standard one!)  Our favourite is Prosecco La Farra Extra Dry.


Has to be dark chocolate? Then you need a sparkling red wine. Dark chocolate needs bold wine with powerful fruity flavours. A sparkling Shiraz is a must. Here’s one we love.