Five Fizz Fixes

Here are Five Fizz Fixes that we live by when enjoying a bottle of bubbly!

Different flutes
  1. The glassware. These have changed over time. Coupes were originally used, but the bubbles go quicker. Flutes are classic drinking vessels. Tulips are the best for enjoying the aromas.
  2. Make sure it’s not too cold. Over chilling the fizz makes the flavours more subtle – you might not taste everything on offer.
  3. Use your other senses. Admire the bubbles, its part of the glamour. Give it a sniff, we know you probably want to dive Breakfast in bedstraight in, but enjoying the aromas first means you’ll enjoy the taste more (we promise!).
  4. Experiment with different foods. Fizz doesn’t have to be drunk on its own.
  5. Don’t save champagne for a ‘special’ occasion. What could be more decadent than enjoying a glass one Sunday morning with breakfast in bed?! Make champagne the occasion.