Festive feasts from around the world



After battling through crowds, enduring writers cramp over Christmas cards and wrestling with wrapping paper, we can now look forward to a big feast. Here in Britain, our enduring favourite remains the relatively ‘safe’ choice of turkey, but how about other countries?

American’s rave about their eggnog – so Puerto Ricons’ have created their own spin on this classic. Sipping on their coquitos (coconut milk and condensed milk finished with a dash of rum) while they gather round an outdoor spit to roast suckling pig.

Iceland’s favourite festive dishes include puffins and even roasted reindeer! (Sorry Rudolph) A little more palatable than the meal eaten on December 23rd to mark the beginning of Christmas which is fermented skate. The skate dish smells strongly of ammonia and has been described as ‘rotting fish’. (We might struggle with a fizz match for that dish!)

If you’re a fan of lamb, you could be tempted by Norway’s feast – a whole steamed sheep’s head. The ears and eyes are eaten first followed by the brain which is scooped out and fried.

Family eating Christmas dinner

Italians avoid meat on Christmas Eve as they celebrate “The Feast of the Seven Fishes”, enjoying fried eel. Whale is the dish of choice in Greenland. So devoted to fresh fish are the Slovakians – they keep a live carp in the bath until it’s time to cook!

Where ever you’re celebrating and whatever you’re eating, we wish you Merry Christmas from Fizz HQ!